The Final

The Six String Social Club

Concert On June 24, 2017

Ed Gerhard

Since 2002, the Six String Social Club has presented concerts featuring the world's best guitarists. We started the series a small room adjacent to Dreamcatcher Guitars. We could legally seat 50 people in the room, but on a good night we would pack in 70. It was a perfect room for music. The acoustics were just right and the room was small enough that the energy was high even with a small crowd. The first person to make a presentation there was Tommy Emmanuel. He did a workshop in the room when the paint was still a little damp and there were bare wires hanging from the ceiling. After the store closed we presented concert in various venues around the area including UUMAN, Ragamuffin Music, The Chattahoochee Nature Center, Bulloch Hall, and finally at our most recent location at Woodstock Community Church.

Here is a list of some of the great international and local talent that we have presented over the years: Acoustic Eidolon, Al Petteway & Amy White, Baily Jester, Barry Green, Beppe Gambetta, Bill Mize, Billy Wilkie, Bob Shaw, Chris Proctor, Chuck Brodsky, Ed Acquesta, Ed Gerhard, Edgar Cruz, Felipe Coelho, Frank Hamilton & Bill Rappaport, Frank Vignola, Frank Vignola with Vinny Raniolo, Gene Bertoncini, Howard Alden, Howard Paul, Jacque Lesure, Jimmy Bruno, Joe Beck, John Knowles, Kathy Reed and The Ain't Right Boys, Laurence Juber, Michéle Ramo & Heidi Hepler, Muriel Anderson, Muriel Anderson & Tierra Negra, Out of The Rain, Pat Martino, Peppi D'Agostino, Pete Huttlinger, Richard Gilewitz, Richard Smith & Julie Adams, Steve Kaufman, The Frank Vignola Trio, The Frank and Joe Show, The Hot Club of San Francisco, Tim Price, Tim Sparks, Tommy Emmanuel.

The Six String Social Club Concert Series has always been a labor of love. Although I have always been optimistic and had fantasies about making a little money presenting concerts, at best, on a good night it was only a break-even proposition. Most nights have been a loss. I have often joked that I could fly first class to anywhere in the country, stay in a five-star hotel and see any of these performers and be ahead financially at the end of the year. So although I never like to say "Never", for now, with great reluctance I have decided to end the Six String Social Club Concert Series. The Acoustic Eidolon Concert on June 24, 2017 will be the last concert we will present. I hope that you will come out and June 24 and bid good bye to this series and enjoy a great concert by two of the best musicians and two of the nicest people that I have ever met.

I hope I will see you on June 24 for our final concert.